Sample of a Great Voicemail Message for Hood Cleaning

Answer the damn phone every time. AND answer your calls like a professional.

Okay this seems obvious.  But there is some tricks you can do to make sure that you do this well.

First, let’s set things up for success:

3) Is your advertised business number the same as your cell phone?  I hope NOT.  You really want to have a separate number for your business that forwards to your mobile phone.  This is important because you can then route it to different people as needed AND you can identify calls that are from your marketing campaign.  Also, you can have a separate voicemail system that takes messages for you and alerts you immediately that you missed a potential new client call.

2) Your voicemail should sound super professional.  If you don’t like your voice on the phone or you don’t think you sound professional enough – have someone else record a message for you.  We use a realistic sounding digital voice that sounds amazing for all of our phone lines.

Our voicemail message sounds professional and conveys concern that we missed their important call.  Want to hear a sample?  It’s just below the text here.

1) MOST IMPORTANT:  Answer EVERY CALL.  I know it’s not completely possible, but if you can find a way, DO IT.  We use a phone system that rings my phone first, if I don’t answer, it rolls to my wife, then my business partner, then voicemail if none of us get to it.  Odds are that the client will get to speak with a real person on the first call.  This will increase your odds of getting the deal exponentially.

Recommended phone service: Call Rail.  They charge $45 per month for up to 10 different phone numbers.  Tracking and reporting are excellent.

Hope you found value in this.  Love to hear back from you!

Click here to play Voice Mail Sample