Lead Generation Services for Hood Cleaning Companies

Our goal is to help you meet your goals.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the task of finding and getting potential clients to consider your products or services.  Lead Generation has become very important as the way that people have come to feel about salespeople.  It use to be that cold calling was a necessary activity. But, after hundreds of years of cold calling, people are less impressed and more suspicious of sales calls by strangers.

What do We do For You?

In order to break the cold calling cycle and to use the internet as the way to win the confidence of potential clients, we utilize 350+ ways to reach those potential clients.  By capturing potential clients attention on the internet, we can prove that you, as a commercial cleaning professional, are the right company to deal with.  So our goal is to find clients or have clients find our information and call in to ask for a quote.

Where do the Leads Come From?

Mostly, the leads come from our internet outreach and through search engine optimization.  Basically, we make it easy for potential clients to find your phone number and give them encouragement to call.  Through our testing, we’ve found that if we get a potential client onto one of our websites, 48% of the visitors will call for a quote.  In internet marketing, that’s HUGE.  Our algorithm (digital recipe) is very tuned for hood cleaning.  We are giving the potential client exactly what they need to gain their confidence and motivate them.  With winning them over in this way, we’ve found that our hood cleaning clients convert 80% of their quotes into booked cleaning jobs. Again, that’s a huge win.

Who Owns the Relationship?

You.  Period.  No matter how long you keep them or how big the client becomes for you – they’re yours.  Our goal is to get you new clients.  Then we get out of your way and go get you more.

Features that Work for You.


• Direct Phone Leads

Simply put: We setup a phone line on the internet with everything in place to get potential clients to call.  The calls are routed directly to you.  Every call we route to you is recorded so that you can go back and listen to the calls.  This comes in very handy if you’re in a position to take the call but not take notes.  You can ask all the details you need and then gather those details when you’re back on your desk. By the way, the leads/calls are YOURS EXCLUSIVELY. We share them with no one else.

• Marketing Radius

We market within a marketing radius around the city or town that you pick.  Within that radius, we will not market for any other hood cleaning company.  It’s yours exclusively.

• Pre-Qualified Leads

With the advent of COVID-19, we wanted to help our hood cleaning clients to get even more qualified business. So we created an outreach program.  So our Pre-Qualified Leads program is working amazingly well to bring in hood cleaning jobs outside of our internet marketing.  These leads are called and our skilled telephone pros will gather details that will help you to close your quote with potential clients.  Then we text or email you the details so that you can quote accurately.