We'll pass on to you 3 to 5 FRESH Hood Cleaning Leads. These are leads where the prospect is actively seeking a quote for a cleaning NOW.  If you love the leads and want to keep on getting more, shoot me an email at [email protected] or call me at (844) 259-1296.

Once you are signed up, we'll transfer you credits to get your free leads. No need to buy anything. Be sure to specify the city that you wish to receive leads and the distance you're willing to travel.


Strictly for billing reasons.
This is the address that we use for the website and Google Maps etc.
We will work to cover everything within 25, 50, or 75 miles of this Metro Area automatically.
Flat Surface Pressure Washing, Full Commercial Kitchen Cleaning, etc.
Examples: Why you got in the business? What's your passion? Anything you want to say about your professional or personal life?

Terms and Conditions

This is an offer for new hood cleaning companies to join our program. We may not have leads in your area immediately but if we don't, we'll call you to let you know.

All sales of credits are final. If a lead is bad, contact us and we\'ll refund the credit used if the lead is truly bad.

Bad leads:
1) telemarketers.
2) competitors.
3) hangups.
5) Any call that lasts less than 5 seconds.
6) Any call that is a repeat of a call that you've already been charged for within the previous 20 days.

We use cookies to track signups etc. We do not sell your data to anyone.